Working with multiple lenders we aim to provide you with the best payday loan deal online, that’s what were all about at

With so many lenders on the market who is the best to choose? Each lender is different and looks for different criteria when issuing a loan, the majority of time these terms are conditions are hidden in the lenders small print.

You could spend allot of time searching through each lenders small print or simply use fastquid for a quick solution to your problem, as we work with so many lenders your chances of being issued a loan are greatly increased and our system will find you the best deal online for your personal situation.For this reason we offer a unique service that know other lender has available at this time.

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  1. travis mclane - doncaster

    Having tried many direct lenders in the past such as quickquid, payday express and wonga i can say they all offer a reasonable service however when using fast quid they teamed me up with a lender i hadn’t used before called cash genie where i saved a bit of money… i found the process very fast and simple


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